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For over 60 years, Hans Christian King has been sharing his extraordinary talent: the ability to communicate with the realm of Spirit. He works in partnership with his Guidance to channel communication that is essential to your life.

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Why are we giving them away?
We want you to get to know Hans and Alfred better. We want you to learn about our teachings. 

What's the catch? No catch. No payment. Nada. You can take as many of these free classes as you like.

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Join Hans King and Alfred Ricci each week as they reach out to you. Our focus is to share guidance and wisdom to help you along on your unique spiritual path.

Are You Ready to Be Guided?

For over 10 years, we collected the best teachings and advice Hans King gives to his clients. Buy the book. Change your life.

For Spiritual Women

Words for the Transformational Woman by Melinda Elkins 

I am proud to offer you articles written by Melinda, a life long friend who has helped so many for so many years.

Hans King