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Audio Class: Intensive Spiritual Development

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In the one of our newest classes, world renowned psychic medium, Hans King is going to teach you how to establish your direct connection with Spirit. Learn the keys to having a lifelong connection that gets enhanced as you discover the language that builds the bridge between both worlds.

This class is broken into two parts
Phase 1: Letting Go
Phase 2: Making Room for Spirit

Phase 1:
Intensive Spiritual Development - Letting Go

Letting go is the path to receiving what you desire.

By removing those things that keep you in separation, you can become connected to all that is. Your mind keeps you in human limitation, but then you only have what you know.

If you want miracles, bliss, guidance, harmony, peace and joy in your life, you need to make room for Spirit to enter.

Phase 2:
Intensive Spiritual Development - Making Room for Spirit

Tools for a Lifetime Connection to Spirit.

Intensive Spiritual Development focuses on giving you many lessons in a rapid fire format so that you have many tools and techniques for that which you seek to enter your life.

These pathways are meant to give you a lifetime of connection with Spirit so that They can present you with what you deserve.

Stop blocking what you want in your life. Allow the universe
to give you what you desire

* Almost 3 hours of class time (two 1-hour videos).
* You will receive the Video recordings of the live class, which have been professionally edited.
* You will receive the Audio recordings. Listen on the go! These can be put on your mp3 player.
* Includes handouts.

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