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Video Class: Soul Mate Relationships

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The magnetic feeling we get when encountering a soul mate is the energetic support of the universe requesting us to form a relationship with someone for our soul’s higher good. The soul mate magnetism may enchant and stimulate us. Due to gushing emotions, the reasons we are to be in the relationship may be ambiguous and complicated to understand – yet the purpose of the union is very important.

Hans King will discuss the purposes of having a relationship with the different types of soul mates: family, friends, animals and the all too important soul mate lovers. Each type of soul mate brings to us a different message, which was agreed upon before you arrived in human form. Hans will review the importance of your reciprocal agreements. Of course, Hans will discuss your search for a soul mate lover and how to communicate with Spirit your desires.

In this class, you will learn:
– The most common blocks to love and romance!
– How to recognize the signs that if someone is your soul mate friend or lover!
– How to avoid the most dangerous traps that ruin relationships and cause heart break.
– The most important “DOs” and “DONTs” for your soul mate relationship.
– The #1 reason why soul-mate relationships are doomed to fail from the start.
– Why some soul mate relationships are meant for a lesson and not a lifetime.
– How to recognize when Spirit supports the separation of a soul mate relationship.
– How to ask Spirit for a relationship!!!

~* Client Testimonials *~

I'm listening to your Sacred Relationships course and just finished part two. I'm writing to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for guiding me to the truth as to why I chose my father this lifetime. I feel I have come Full Circle here and my heart is resonating with peace! THANK YOU, Hans, for your gentle yet powerful teachings. Even in your voice, something resonates with me that is so very soothing and medicinal - I feel you tapping into my own Truths that were latent! I also give a BIG THANK YOU to Alfred for his meditations and his healing ways. Blessings to you both, Sherri
Sherry C., California

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