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Video Class: Enough Lessons Already

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"A life changing class. There is no way to fully describe the life changing material in this course." Hans King

For over 50 years, I have been helping individual clients move past the perception of difficulty and to access possibilities they could not comprehend on their own. Thousands of my clients have received miracles in their lives they could not imagine. Once they let go of the notion that they had the answer - and let Spirit present them with unknown possibilities, their lives changed forever.

Learn "Why Our Lives Feel Difficult and What We Can Do About It."

Class 1. Enough Lessons Already
Class 2. Energize your Possibilities
Class 3. The Pursuit of Happiness

These classes are meant to give to you the same guidance my personal clients have followed: how to work directly with Spirit to receive miracles, see unimaginable possibilities, and achieve amazing happiness and bliss.

* Over 7 hours of class time (three 2-hour videos).
* You will receive the Video recordings of the live class, which have been professionally edited.
* Includes handouts.

~ Class Details ~
(Testimonials are below)

1. "Enough Lessons Already" Video Class 1 of 3 (2.5 hrs)

Many of us, especially those of us on a spiritual path, wonder why our lives appear to be so difficult. We're on a spiritual path, so why doesn't Spirit favor us with more abundance? Why does it appear that so many people with wealth squander it? It's frustrating when so many of us want to be of service and have to choose between a meaningless job earning money and doing what we love in hopes of having enough to pay the rent. It's frustrating. This class will help you understand that old souls asked for more difficult lessons and Spirit is presenting us with what we asked for. Our job is to see past the illusions and to live with love and joy while experiencing the lessons presented to us.

We cover the following topics in more detail:
- Why Does my Life Seem So Difficult?
- Why Does There Appear to Be So Much Pain in Life?
- Why Do People in Service Often Feel Like They are Being Punished?
- Why Does it Seem That Being of Service is Difficult?

2. "Energize your Possibilities" Video Class 2 of 3 (2.5 hrs)

Believing everything is all right is just the first step in moving towards the possibilities of the life you asked to experience. Once you let go of being a victim and embrace the Guidance that is with you always, your life will go in a new direction - which you have a say in determining. You have asked to experience things in this life, but how you go about them can be up to you. You have a say in creating possibilities for your life. You can work with your Guidance to create miracles in your life. You will learn how to energize your life by being aware of possibilities you never could imagine.

We cover the following topics in more detail:
- Life With Spirit, Life Without Spirit
- Unimaginable Possibilities
- Accessing Unknown Possibilities
- Spiritual Principles to Receive Miracles
- Co-creating Miracles

3. "The Pursuit of Happiness" Video Class 3 of 3 (2.5 hrs)

Happiness seems to be an ever-evasive notion, especially for us "old souls" who are constantly being bombarded with difficult lessons. No matter how much we try to look past the illusion of how our mind interprets the event at hand, it usually takes a little work to let go of our mind's perception of something, and to ensure there is no judgment and opinion. In this class, we will review several spiritual practices to help you be "Mr. or Ms. Teflon" a person that keeps a constant peaceful and happy demeanor regardless of the situation at hand.

We cover the following topics in more detail:
- What if There is Nothing Wrong?
- Spring Cleaning for Happiness
- Transcending Happiness
- God Wants You To Be Happy



I want to thank you for all of the love that you send with what you are teaching. That is really what attracted me to your course.
~ Nancy, Colonie, NY

The class was wonderful and subtle; I am seeing little changes daily.I am so grateful for the teachings...Bless you and your team!!!
~ Elizabeth, Canada

I've been trying to get rid of this dread because it's not doing me any good. I felt it release with your loving ideas for setting intentions and being at peace with myself. Thank you sooooooooooo much! I love you both and I love that you are holding these seminars. I've been looking forward to it for months! You are both compassionate healers.
~ Love, Jill, Quebec

Hans, with all of my heart and soul for the great relief that you have given me this day. There are no words that could adequately express my gratitude to, and for you.
~ Bonnibelle, Nova Scotia

Hans! How magnificent thou art! THANK YOU for this glorious presentation. Enough Lessons Already! Ours can now be the pursuit of happiness... for the joy of it!
~ Love, love, love, Katrina, Ashland, Oregon

Thank you Hans & Alfred so much for such a beautiful & enlightening class, I really enjoyed it and embraced the teachings . I will say that through your teachings I have gained spiritual wisdom not I have never known.
~ love & blessings, Vanda, Walldorf, Germany

A heartfelt thank you for having the wonderful Enough Lessons Already live video class. It's transformational!
~ Suzanne, San Rafael, California

Listening to you both makes me FEEL expansive and love.
~ KatrinaMarie, Long Island, New York

I have a lot of things that on the outside or in the mind chatter that look horrible. Thanks to your teachings, I know all is well and will be, my mind chatter is way less effective and that is saying A LOT. THANK YOU Hans and Alfred and all the prayers and teachings!
~ Melissa, Vancouver WA

Thank you Hans, Alfred, Dan and Bella (and everyone else on the team!) for this gift of a healing seminar! The timing was perfect - I was getting tired of difficult lesson after difficult lesson - all happening at the speed of light in 2012! Your loving and compassionate messages helped me heal some long-standing anxiety about my mother's death... Now I am calm and trusting that Source is there to provide whatever I need. You gave me the very important gift of peace of mind, which I achieved thanks to your teachings about mind chatter and knowing I am enough right now, not doing anything wrong. Sigh - I love that!! I now feel more confident and am enjoying where I'm at in this journey. I used to feel anxious all the time. Your class helped me find peace and confidence that being joyful is okay. Millions of blessings to you all.
~ Jill, Gatineau, Quebec

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