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Audio Lesson BUNDLE: Advanced Spiritual Lessons

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Includes the five audio lessons in the "Advanced Spiritual Lessons" series. Get all five for the price of four!
1. Connect to Your Dharma
2. Dharma, Free Will and Manifestation
3. Reincarnation, Karma and Free Will
4. You are the Master of your Own Ship
5. Facets of Existence

Approximate length: 2.5 hours (5 x 30 minutes)

Connect to Your Dharma
When you leave this lifetime and return to the other side, what will you tell Spirit during your life review? What do you consider should be the most important points of your human experience that you should talk about? What are the criteria that the universal consciousness would consider a successful incarnation? Hans will teach you ways to access your Guidance so daily decisions will keep you on your life path. With these understandings, when you begin your life review on the other side, you'll have plenty to feel good about.

Dharma, Free Will and Manifestation
We are all born with a blueprint of what we would like to experience for the benefit of our individual soul's growth. Yes, each of us is asked to experience specific lessons. Yet, how we arrive at our experiences is something different. Due to the Law of Free Will, it is up to us as to how we wish to experience life. Manifestation is the process of us working with Spirit to invite those things into our life we wish to experience.

Reincarnation, Karma and Free Will
Hans explains how reincarnation is entwined with karma. Karma can be loosely defined as the law of "what goes around comes around." In actuality, there is no such "dark" karma attached to your soul that keeps you from free will, and from altering and mending your karma. Your karma will never, ever ruin your possibilities to live a good life. What karma will do is continue to keep bring up certain issues over and over again, until the lesson is learned.

You are the Master of your Own Ship
Even though there is karmic debt, and even though your life has a path with specific lessons to learn (which were set up before you came to Earth), the greatest gift the universe gave you is free will. Within the context of free will, you are entitled to organize your lessons along your path by forming a partnership with the Spirit simply by speaking to them.

Facets of Existence
There are many facets of your existence. Your conscious state while in human form is merely one aspect of who you really are. Everyone has access to his or her higher consciousness, which can provide information the conscious mind never thought possible. Hans goes into detail about the differences between your Spiritual consciousness and your physical consciousness.

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