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Audio Lesson BUNDLE: Lessons on Abundance

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Includes the four audio lessons in the "Lessons on Abundance" series. Get all four for the price of three!
1. Money, Abundance and Prosperity
2. Your Right to Abundance
3. Finding your Abundant Heart
4. Is Abundance Available to Everyone?

Approximate length: 2 hours (4 x 30 minutes)

Money, Abundance and Prosperity
Spirit asks us, "Why do you remove yourself from your Source?" All that you need you are already attached to. When you do not have what you desire, instead of complaining, look to see how you have separated yourself from God. Hans teaches that in order to work with Spirit, you need to be in tune with universal energy so that your thoughts and intentions are in sync with the efforts of your Guidance.

Your Right to Abundance
Many people believe that abundance belongs to someone else. They look at other people's luxury cars and big homes, read about others' lavish lifestyles, and wish that they could have those things. Whenever those thoughts arise you are saying to the universe, "I can't have that. I don't deserve it." The lesson for us is that all we have to do is to believe, set our intention and hold an unwavering, unflinching confidence that we know where we're going and what we'll accomplish. Realize that no one in the Spirit world judges you. Hold your beliefs close to you and watch the miracles happen.

Finding your Abundant Heart
Abundance is rooted in harmonizing with the spiritual energy that surrounds us always. The main way to do this is to shift your perception from thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance in the moment. In all of Hans' spiritual teachings, the path is to already be that which you desire. This way you are already the vibration of that which you want to attract. It also sets a clear message to Spirit through your vibration of the life you wish to live. It is your vibration, created by your thoughts, that either disconnects you from or allows you to be in the flow of spiritual energy.

Is Abundance Available to Everyone?
Yes! Abundance is available to ALL people on this planet. It is not reserved for a certain group. If you are looking outside yourself, thinking it is over the hill or around the corner, you're looking in the wrong place. When we ask God to help us to become abundant, we are actually saying that we are not abundant and are therefore acting out of lack and scarcity. People who operate out of the Truth that we are always connected to our God (our abundance) know that they are already in abundance. When you are sitting in your natural abundance, you flow with it and it is you. In other words, when you are sensitive to the flow of your Guidance, God can much more easily direct you to the miracles that are already being provided on your behalf.

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